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National reserve

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Product description

  State reserve sugar (now called central reserve sugar) refers to the sugar stored by the state to implement market regulation and respond to the abnormal fluctuations in the market caused by major natural disasters, public health events or other emergencies, including the storage of raw sugar and finished sugar.


  As the storage and management unit of national reserve sugar, our company has been undertaking this important strategic task since the establishment of the central and local reserve system.The importance of central reserve sugar is well understood by all the staff of our company, especially by key leaders.In the history of our company, there have been many cases of the application of sugar reserves, such as the flood in Hebei province in 1996 and the national macro-control in 2010-2011.Being able to undertake the storage of central reserve sugar is not only a matter of enterprise efficiency, but also an important political task to undertake the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises.