Adress:Address: No. 39, Cangxing Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province


National control

basic information
Product description

  “The state-controlled preferred”project is based onthe state-controlled food entity operation.It has three branches named Yuhua, Changan and Qiaoxi branches, forming a “three pillars” pattern in Shijiazhuang City.

  Brand positioning is “light luxury, high quality”. leading the healthy, safe consumption trend and concept.The overall product layout of the store includes famous cigarettes and wines,high-grade tea,high-grade leisure food, green fresh food, imported food, local products, the company's own brand products and so on.

  Branch address:

  No. 311, Qingyuan street, Yuhua district, Shijiazhuang,

  China. Phone: 86-311-86673713

  No. 455 Gongnong road, Qiaoxi district, Shijiazhuang,

  China. Phone: 86-311-88891489

  No. 6 Yucai street, Changan district, Shijiazhuang,

  China. Phone: 86-311-86219617