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Supply chain finance

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Product description

  Through the control of information flow, logistics and capital flow, supply chain finance starts from purchasing raw materials, makes intermediate productsand final products, and finally delivers the products to consumers through the sales network, connecting suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users into a whole functional network chain structure. It is not only a logistics chain, information chain, capital chain connecting the supplier to the user, but also a value-added chain. In the supply chain of materials due to processing,packaging, transportation and other processes their value could be increased.


  With close cooperation with Zhangbei Fengmao agricultural development Co., the company has taken root in potato industry, from source to market, from planting to sales, deeply involved in potato projects throughout the whole year and business cycle. Based on potato business, the company will carry out supply chain finance of potato business, extending from sales and acquisition to planting end, and providing a series of services such as fund loan, planting technology,seed cultivation, logistics and distribution for planting end. The company will fully involve in planting end business and form a complete industrial chain.