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basic information
Product description

  Our company is engaged in bulk commodity trading business, and has accumulated rich experience over the years. We have formed a systematic trading and settle-

  ment process based on current and future business. We have professional teams to control the whole process of strategy design, risk control, business connection,market judgment, transaction and settlement execution.

  The guiding ideology of our company to participate in futures is as follows:to focus on market information and market dynamics with futures as the guide, to expand the purchase and sales channel of spot business with futures as the market,to avoid or reduce the price risk of spot trade of bulk commodities with futures as the tool, and to fix price of spot goods with futures as the means.

  Our currently participating futures markets are Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange,Dalian Commodity Exchange and Shenzhen Kunshang Easy Sugar Supply Chain Co., LTD. etc. The main varieties concerned at present are white sugar, corn, vegetable oil, wheat and so on.

  In the future development direction, while developing the real trade business, we should make full use of financial market tools, including futures and options, so as to make the business flexible and risk controllable, optimize and strengthen the business with the help of financial market tools, to increase and maintain the value for state-owned enterprises.